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One of the worst mistakes that people make when charged with shoplifting or Petit Theft is to try to defend themselves. The reason many people attempt to defend themselves in court is that they do not take accusations of shoplifting or Petit Theft seriously, believing it not to be a serious offense. This can have disastrous consequences, as people who are inexperienced in Florida law end up with a permanent criminal record for something minor.

The best thing to do when accused of Petit Theft is to remain calm, not admit to any guilt, and enlist an expert in Florida criminal law. Miami Criminal Attorney Evan A. Hoffman can advise people facing charges of Petit Theft, helping them to find the best way to fight these charges. When you contact us, you may be on your way to lessening your penalties, or even avoiding them entirely.

Petit Theft, often referred to as “shoplifting” or “petty theft,” is one of the most common crimes committed in the nation. This crime involves willfully and unlawfully taking property valued at up to $300. An innocent person could easily be charged with Petit Theft for inadvertently leaving a store with an item that has not been paid for. 

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