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Have you been convicted of a crime? If so, do you feel that you may have been unjustly convicted? If that is your situation, then you may be able to file an appeal to a higher court. The criminal appeals process can be drawn out at length in the courts but can result in a conviction being overturned or nullified.

A proper criminal defense attorney can use the facts of your case to work toward a successful appeal. If you believe that you may need an appeal, you need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to get started on the process. Your actions at this point can determine your future.

In your time of need, turn to The Hoffman Firm. Our Miami criminal appeals lawyer is prepared to fight for you every step of the way.

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What Is a Criminal Appeal?

A criminal appeal is a process allowing convicted felons to challenge a conviction by a jury or bench trial. It is an opportunity for the convicted party to present any issues were not addressed or that were mishandled at trial.

The panel to which a criminal appeal must be presented will be determined by the district in which the trial occurred and the charges presented by the prosecution.

Typically, in the event that a petitioner’s request for appeal is denied, he or she can ask for a review from a higher court; however, these higher courts are not required to accept this request.

Who Is Eligible to Appeal a Criminal Conviction?

Most appeals are based a defendant’s case where any combination of the following has occurred:

  • Evidence was improperly collected
  • The chain of evidence was corrupted
  • Evidence was tampered with or improperly processed
  • Evidence and or testimony was allowed in court which should not have been allowed
  • False testimony was given
  • Defense attorney did not properly represent their client
  • A judge read incorrect instructions to the jury
  • Potential jury/juror bias or conflict of interest
  • A judge or persecutor involved in the case having been found guilty of misconduct in office
  • Evidence provided during trial was not sufficient to convict
  • Evidence was not allowed or presented in court that may have affected the outcome
  • New evidence has been discovered which may prove the innocence of the person convicted
  • Improper coercion was made toward the defendant by their attorney or prosecutors

These things and many others can be the potential basis for an appeal.

Having a good attorney working for you is the best way to make sure that any and all appeals are filed on your behalf, and that they are filed and pursued properly. You only have 30 days to file an appeal after receiving a conviction, so you have no time to waste in seeking an attorney with experience and a solid track in getting cases overturned on appeal.

Handling Appeals with Care 

Miami criminal appeals attorney Evan Hoffman can review your case and see if an appeal can be made. If so, he can make it on your behalf. If you’ve been convicted of a crime, you have nothing to lose by filing an appeal. Don’t be foolish and waste valuable time that Mr. Hoffman and his team can use to work towards getting your conviction overturned through an appeal.

Give us a call at (305) 928-1669 if you are in Miami, 954-737-3004 if you are in Broward County, or contact us online to request a free consultation.


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