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Transporting Drugs

Transporting drugs and other controlled substances is a serious offense, and may be charged in conjunction with a trafficking or possession with intent to sell charge. You may be charged with transporting drugs if you are alleged to have had drugs on your person above a statutory amount, or with the controlled substances in your vehicle during a traffic stop.

An individual may alternatively be charged with a drug transport offense in conjunction with other offenses if he or she is alleged to have been in possession of a controlled substance. Such a charge may be applied even if the accused had a valid prescription for the substance, but was unable to produce it at the time of the stop.

It is important to contact an attorney immediately if you have been charged or accused of a drug transport offense. The sooner you do so, the sooner you can begin to prepare the defense that will ensure your innocence and freedom.

Miami-Dade County Prescription Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

If you find yourself in this frightening situation, you’ll want an attorney like Evan A. Hoffman in your corner. He has the expertise and knowledge to review your rights and secure your freedom.

If you have been charged with a drug transport offense, call The Hoffman Firm at (305) 249-0090, or complete the online form to schedule your free consultation. This firm serves clients located in Miami-Dade County and surrounding areas.

Drug Transport Crimes under Florida Law

§893.13 of Florida code states: (1)(a) Except as authorized by this chapter and chapter 499, a person is prohibited from selling, manufacturing, delivering, or possessing with intent to sell, make, or deliver a controlled substance. Controlled substance refers to any substance named in s. 893.03(1)(a), (1)(b), (1)(d), (2)(a), (2)(b), or (2)(c)4.

The Hoffman Firm Miami Drug Transport Crime Defense Lawyer

Drug transport charges are serious offenses and can have severe legal penalties. It is important to prepare your defense as soon as you can in order to ensure that your innocence is maintained.

There are various defenses to drug transport charges. These include but are not limited to procedural errors, legitimate authorization for possession of the substance in question, or unwitting possession. Your lawyer may be able to get your charges lessened or thrown out altogether based on these grounds.

Act immediately; call The Hoffman Firm and defense attorney Evan A. Hoffman at (305) 249-0090. Let him put his knowledge to work for you.

This firm services clients in Miami, North Miami, Palm Beach, and neighboring counties.

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All fields are required. The use of this form for communication with our personnel does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

Evan A. Hoffman

Evan A. Hoffman

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