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If you were convicted of a felony in the past and are looking to have your Second Amendment rights restored, the dedicated Florida gun rights restoration attorneys at The Hoffman Firm are ready to help. Our criminal defense lawyers are experienced in helping individuals restore their Second Amendment rights. If you have a past felony conviction, regaining your right to own and possess firearms can be a crucial step toward fully reclaiming your personal freedoms and opportunities. Our experienced legal team is prepared to guide you through the complex legal process, ensuring that your case is presented compellingly and effectively. We understand the importance of this right and are committed to providing personalized, diligent representation to help you achieve your goal of restoring your gun rights.

Take the first step towards reclaiming your Second Amendment rights today. Contact our experienced legal team for a free consultation online or call (305) 928-1669 and let us help you navigate the path to restoring your gun rights. 


How Can a felon get their gun rights restored in Florida?

In Florida, a convicted felon can have their gun rights restored through a process known as clemency, which involves the executive branch of the state government. The first step for a felon seeking to restore their gun rights is to apply for clemency through the Florida Commission on Offender Review. This application requires the completion of a Clemency Application, along with supporting documents such as court records and character references. The application process is thorough and involves a review of the individual's criminal history, behavior since the conviction, and overall contribution to society. It typically requires that a significant amount of time has passed since the completion of the felony sentence, including probation or parole.

Once the application is submitted, it is reviewed by the Office of Executive Clemency, which can take several months to years. If the application passes the initial review, it is then forwarded to the Clemency Board, which consists of the Governor and members of the Cabinet. The Clemency Board has the discretion to grant or deny the restoration of gun rights based on the applicant's demonstrated rehabilitation and current conduct. A favorable decision by the Board results in the restoration of the individual’s civil rights, including the right to own and possess firearms. However, the process is highly selective and not all applications are approved.

Who Can Have Their Gun Rights Rights Restored in Florida

To be considered for the restoration of your gun or firearm rights in Florida, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You have completed all sentences imposed, including all conditions of supervision (parole, probation, community control, control release, and conditional release) for at least eight years.
  • You have no outstanding detainers or financial penalties/liabilities totaling more than $1,000 from any criminal conviction or traffic infraction.
  • You have no outstanding victim restitution, including restitution under a court order, civil judgment, or other obligations (as specified in Rule 5D of Executive Clemency of Florida).

Working with an experienced gun rights restoration attorney in Florida is a critical step to getting your rights restored.  The attorneys at The Hoffman Firm have a deep understanding of the laws and procedures surrounding gun rights restoration in Florida. They will work closely with you to gather all necessary documentation and evidence to present a strong case for your rights to be restored.

When seeking restoration of gun rights in Florida, it is important to remember that the process can be complex and time-consuming. This is why having an experienced attorney on your side can greatly increase your chances of success. The attorneys at The Hoffman Firm have successfully helped numerous clients restore their gun rights in Florida, and they are ready to do the same for you.

Why Gun Rights Are Important

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, which guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, offers several benefits. It provides individuals with a means of self-defense, allowing them to protect themselves, their families, and their property. This right also serves as a deterrent against tyranny, ensuring that the government remains accountable to its citizens. Additionally, the Second Amendment supports recreational activities such as hunting and sport shooting, fostering a culture of responsible gun ownership. By emphasizing personal responsibility and individual rights, the Second Amendment contributes to the preservation of freedom and security in American society.

Trust Our Gun Rights Restoration Lawyers to Fight For You

Restoring your gun rights can enhance your security and provide you with opportunities for recreational activities such as hunting and shooting sports. The process of restoring your Second Amendment rights can be long and arduous. Don't wait. Reach out to our Florida gun restoration attorneys today to get started. 

Your future and freedom are worth fighting for – Contact us today and begin your journey to restored rights.


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