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Criminal offenses of a sexual nature can result in steep penalties for alleged offenders, including lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines. The criminal record that results from a conviction carries an enormous stigma that can create tremendous long-term hardships. Additionally, people who have been convicted of sex crimes in Florida may also be required to register as sex offenders, making it difficult to obtain employment, housing, or professional licenses if convicted. At The Hoffman Firm, our Miami sex crimes lawyer can help you protect your future. We are aggressive in our compassionate defense for our clients.

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Common Sex Crimes in Florida

Florida stipulates several laws relating to sex-related offenses. The penalties for these crimes can vary depending on the age of the alleged victim, the alleged offender’s criminal record, and whether a deadly weapon was used in the commission of an alleged offense.

Some of the most commonly prosecuted sex crimes under state law include:

Sex Offender Registration Requirements

The problems for any person convicted of a sex crime in Florida do not end when his or her prison sentence is over and fines have been paid. Alleged offenders convicted of certain sexual offenses can be required to register as sex offenders.

The amount of time of mandatory registration depends on the nature of the crime. Some offenders may be required to register for life, which involves constantly reporting and updating one’s address and making information be available for the general public.

Designation as a sex offender can create significant difficulties when it comes to housing, as landlords are not only reluctant to rent property to convicted sex offenders.

While state law prohibits certain offenders from living within 1,000 feet of a school, child care facility, park, playground, or other place where children regularly congregate, Section 21-277 in the Miami-Dade County Code of Ordinances—otherwise known as the Lauren Book Child Safety Ordinance—makes it unlawful for any person who has been convicted of sexual battery, lewd and lascivious acts on/in presence of persons under age 16, sexual performance by a child, sexual acts transmitted over computer, selling or buying of minors for portrayal in sexually explicit conduct, or a similar law of another jurisdiction, in which the victim or apparent victim of the offense was less than 16 years of age, to reside within 2,500 feet of any school.

Failure to register as a sex offender is a felony of the third degree in Florida. Judges handling such cases can often feel more inclined to impose prison sentences not only because of the failure to register but also because of the criminal record that led to the sex offender requirement.

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