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Battery on Miami & Fort Lauderdale Law Enforcement Officers

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Battery on a law enforcement officer (LEO) is a serious offense in Florida. Even if an individual believes his or her actions were misunderstood or justified, assault or battery on a LEO can result in serious jail time and/or steep fines.

Although the offense is formally referred to as assault and battery on a law enforcement officer, the protection extends to several different professions, including the following:

  • Police officers
  • Correctional officers and probation officers
  • Firefighters
  • Emergency medical care providers
  • Public transit employees or agents
  • Auxiliary officers
  • Law enforcement personnel of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • Law enforcement personnel of the Department of Law Enforcement

If you have been accused of battery on a law enforcement officer in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, it is very important to obtain the services of our knowledgeable lawyer at The Hoffman Firm. Our Miami LEO battery defense attorney has violent crime case experience not only as a criminal defender, but also as a former prosecutor. He understands that the criminal justice system aggressively seeks to punish anyone accused of a crime committed against law enforcement officers and other public servants.

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Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer Laws & Penalties in Florida

Under Florida Code 784.07 Battery on law enforcement officer is defined as “assault or battery of law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical care providers, public transit employees or agents, or other specified officers; reclassification of offenses; minimum sentences.”

In order to obtain a conviction for Battery on law enforcement officer the state must prove both of the following:

  • That the accused had the specific intent to knowingly batter a law enforcement officer.
  • That the law enforcement officer was engaged in the lawful execution of a legal duty.

Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer is considered a third-degree felony and is assigned a level 4 offense severity ranking according to Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code. If convicted, you may have to serve up to five years in prison and/or pay a maximum fine of $5,000.

If you are facing charges of battery on a LEO, resisting arrest, or any other crime, you need to take your situation seriously. Ignoring or taking your charges lightly is a major mistake and can result in having the maximum penalties enforced against you.

Let Our Firm Help You Avoid Serious Penalties

If you have been accused or charged with battery on a LEO it is important to act quickly. Attorney Evan Hoffman has over 20 years of trial experience and will build the strongest defense possible on your behalf. As a former prosecutor, he has the skills and experience to develop proven strategies in your case.

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