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Financially-motivated, non-violent crimes are commonly referred to as “white collar” offenses. The term was originally coined in 1939 by sociologist Edwin Sutherland as "a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation."

The alleged offenders in these cases are typically professionals and executives in powerful business or government roles. Prosecutors and investigators throughout Florida take these cases especially seriously because the elderly and disabled are highly susceptible to victimization. 

There are several offenses that constitute white-collar crimes under Florida law, including:

Each criminal offense has its own elements or specific conduct necessary to rise to criminal activity. The specific offense depends on a variety of factors, including the level of participation, duration, amount or monetary value, and more.

These crimes, investigative process, and prosecution are complex; it is highly recommended that you consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately following allegations or charges of forgery, bribery, or any white collar crime.

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What to Do If You Are Accused of a White Collar Crime

If you have been accused of or charged with any financially-motivated/white collar crime, do not speak to law enforcement, prosecutors, or any government entity. Instead, contact an experienced white collar crimes defense attorney immediately. Many alleged offenders in these cases had no criminal intent, and The Hoffman Firm can fight to get criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

Because these offenses often involve multiple victims suffering tremendous financial harm, prosecutors in Florida aggressively pursue serious penalties for alleged offenders. Convictions can lead to not only possible imprisonment and fines, but also orders to pay restitution to all alleged victims.

White collar crimes may be prosecuted in state court or federal court. Miami-based criminal defense Evan Hoffman is admitted to practice in Florida State Court and U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida. He has years of experience obtaining favorable results on behalf of clients charged with white collar crimes.

Florida Definitions of White Collar Crime

The term white collar crime was coined in 1939 to refer to nonviolent, financial crimes committed by individuals of high social status by virtue of his or her occupations. Initially, white collar crimes were typically committed by business executives and other professionals. However, as technology has increased and become more accessible, white collar crimes are committed by individuals of all class levels, social status, and occupations.

White collar crime is a serious problem in Miami, Florida. According to a study by Syracuse University, Miami ranked number 1 in the United States in white collar prosecutions in 2015. In 2010, Miami ranked second in the nation for white collar prosecutions.

In response to the prevalence of white collar offenses in Florida, state legislators enacted a specific criminal statute governing white collar crime called the White Collar Crime Victim Protection Act. The legislature enhanced sanctions imposed for nonviolence frauds and swindles, protect the public's property, and assist in prosecuting white collar crimes.

The White Collar Victim Protection Act defines white collar crimes as the following:

  • Chapter 560, relating to the Money Transmitters’ Code;
  • Chapter 812, relating to theft, robbery, and related crimes;
  • Chapter 815, relating to computer-related crimes;
  • Chapter 817, relating to fraudulent practices;
  • Chapter 825, relating to abuse, neglect, and exploitation of elderly persons and disabled adults;
  • Chapter 831, relating to forgery and counterfeiting;
  • Chapter 832, relating to the issuance of worthless checks and drafts;
  • Chapter 838, relating to bribery and misuse of public office;
  • Chapter 839, relating to offenses by public officers and employees;
  • Chapter 895, relating to offenses concerning racketeering and illegal debts; or
  • Chapter 896, relating to offenses related to financial transactions.

A white collar crime can also be defined as a felony offense that:

  • Is committed with intent to defraud or that involves a conspiracy to defraud
  • Is committed with intent to temporarily or permanently deprive a person of his or her property or that involves a conspiracy to temporarily or permanently deprive a person of his or her property
  • Involves or results in the commission of fraud or deceit upon a person or that involves a conspiracy to commit fraud or deceit upon a person

If an alleged offender engages in “at least two white collar crimes that have the same or similar intents, results, accomplices, victims, or methods of commission, or that are otherwise interrelated by distinguishing characteristics and are not isolated incidents, provided that at least one of such crimes occurred after the effective date of this act,” it is defined as aggravated white collar crime under Florida Statute § 775.0844(4).

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If you have been arrested or suspect that you could be under investigation for any kind of a serious financial offense, you will want to retain legal counsel as soon as possible. The Hoffman Firm fights to get criminal charges reduced or dismissed for clients accused of all kinds of white collar crimes in the greater Miami-Dade County area.

Evan Hoffman is an experienced white collar defense attorney in Miami who aggressively defends clients in Miami, North Miami, South Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and many other nearby areas.

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