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Driving Under Influence of Drugs

When the Breathalyzer shows triple zeros for alcohol, the police will assume that a suspect has been driving under the influence of drugs. After a urine test, you can be charged with DUI for intoxication from an illegal controlled substance, over-the-counter cough and cold medicines or legally prescribed painkillers.

As a result of the use of specially-trained police officers, Florida residents are increasingly being charged with drug DUI (also referred to as driving under the influence of drugs or DUID). What this might mean for you is that circumstances worsen. Often, the resulting arrest and subsequent search tack on other charges such as drug possession. The state of Florida is extremely harsh on those it convicts of that offense.

Lawyer for DUID Arrests in Miami, FL

Begin working right away, with the South Florida law office of The Hoffman Firm and drugs defense attorney Evan A. Hoffman at your side. He has successfully challenged prosecutions for drug DUI and any related charges. With a depth of experience unmatched in this region, Mr. Hoffman represents the accused in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and across the state.

Drunk driving suspects testing under the .08 threshold or registering no alcohol aren’t off the hook. Law enforcement officers can require a urine sample to test for other chemicals that might explain the alleged impaired driving. Special officials, known as Drug Recognition Experts (DRE), often are involved in the testing at the scene, then the arrest and urine test. They might also have made the initial traffic stop.

The punitive consequences of driving under the influence of drugs are the same as in alcohol DUI convictions. These may include losing your employment, fines, license suspension or license revocation, chemical dependency treatment, time spent in jail and even an ignition interlock device being installed on your car.

Attorney Evan A. Hoffman provides skilled drug DUI defense, no matter what the test turns up:

  • Over-the-counter allergy, flu or cold medications
  • Prescription narcotics such as OxyContin, Vicodin or Xanax
  • Cocaine, heroin, meth or marijuana
  • Any combination of the above, including alcohol

The Hoffman Firm | Drugged Driving  Lawyer in Miami, Florida

Any amount of these substances in your blood or urine can trigger DUI charges. Evan A. Hoffman, as a former prosecutor and an experienced defense lawyer, knows how to attack the evidence, including probable cause for the traffic stop, search of your person or vehicle, roadside sobriety tests and other law enforcement procedures.

Mr. Hoffman is skilled at getting questionable evidence suppressed, which weakens the prosecution’s whole case and paves the way for dismissed charges, reduced charges and opportunities to avoid a conviction on your record. He also provides capable criminal defense for any drug charges arising from a DUI stop.

If you have been arrested while driving on prescription medication or other drugs, call (305) 249-0090 or contact The Hoffman Firm online to talk with Evan A. Hoffman, an experienced South Florida drug DUI defense lawyer. Your first, confidential consultation is free.

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Evan A. Hoffman

Evan A. Hoffman

Mr. Hoffman’s philosophy is "our knowledge and experience is your best defense." He has been a featured author on criminal law issues such as driving under the influence, domestic violence and illegal searches.

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