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Arrest Warrants: How and Why You Should Search to See If You Have an Active Warrant

Are you concerned that you may have an outstanding arrest warrant that has been issued against you?  Maybe it’s something that you’ve never even thought of, but believe it or not, a lot of people have an outstanding warrant(s) and don’t even know it.

Most often it’s for something as simple as unpaid parking tickets or bounced checks that have never been taken care of.  Most people don’t think about it but you can be arrested for outstanding bounced checks and parking tickets as well as other minor legal violations.

Think of how frightening it would be to get stopped for a traffic violation and after the officer runs your license, they discover that you have an outstanding warrant and they arrest you on the spot!  This has happened to a lot of people for things as simple as those listed above.  Sometimes people may even have their children in the car with them and be arrested in front of them.

You may be thinking that you’ve not done anything that would cause you to have a warrant issued against you.  But it can happen to some people if a criminal has used their identity/name during the commission of a crime.  Sometimes identities are misread or the wrong person is named on a warrant due to misinformation or human error.

Having a warrant unexpectedly served against you can at best cause a major inconvenience, and potentially even disrupt your life.  It’s much better to discover first if you have a warrant issued against you and to be able to take the first step in resolving it rather than being arrested.

There are a number of websites that advertise that they can search for any outstanding warrants against you, but they are generally not dependable.  Regardless of whether you are in Florida or New York, California or anywhere else, it’s best to be proactive in protecting yourself against an unexpected arrest due to an outstanding warrant.

Warrant search websites may be a start, but if you’ve discovered that you are facing a warrant, or even just suspect that you may be, your best course of action is to obtain the services of an experienced lawyer like South Florida Criminal Attorney Evan Hoffman.

Mr. Hoffman formerly worked as a prosecutor so he has unique knowledge of how warrants are issued and enforced.  Having the services of someone like Hoffman can be invaluable in determining if you have any warrants that have been issued against you, and then if so, proceeding to help you clear your name of them.

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