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How Do I Fight Charges of Computer Crimes in Florida?

In the so-called “digital age” we live in today, one very common area of crime is computer crime.

Being charged with a computer crime is not limited to only hackers. Some people may find themselves charged with a computer crime for unknowingly downloading copywritten material, or using software or other programs without proper licensing.

Many things can fall under the spectrum of computer crimes, but some of the main ones involve anything from illegal “SPAM” marketing, illegal downloading of “intellectual properties” such as music, movies, and digitally formatted books, hacking, perpetuating viruses, stealing/illegal usage of software, internet fraud, and much more.

Because computer-related crime usually involves the internet, many laws may come into play including state ad federal laws. Computer crime is a very complex area of law and the legalese can be very complicated. Defending against charges of computer crime often involves the expertise and testimony of a computer forensics expert. 

Prosecutors have become very zealous in prosecuting computer-related crimes because the cost and damages to the victims can be very great and the problem has become so widespread.

Though it is considered a “white collar” crime, computer crimes can have serious penalties in cases of conviction.

People who find themselves fighting these charges should always seek the services of a Miami criminal defense attorney.  Evan Hoffman of south Florida can provide a defendant with resources such as computer forensic experts which are needed to mouth the best possible defense.

If you need a criminal defender, give The Hoffman Firm a call today and let them review your case.

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