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Dealing With Probation Violations in Florida

What is probation, and what happens if it is violated? Florida code chapter 948 deals with Probation and defines it as:

(1)   “Administrative probation” means a form of non-contact supervision in which an offender who presents a low risk of harm to the community may, upon satisfactory completion of half the term of probation, be transferred by the Department of Corrections to non-reporting status until the expiration of the term of supervision.

Violating the conditions of probation can land the offender in serious trouble because they have already been convicted of a crime and have been given leniency by the court.

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Conditions of Probation

The conditions of probation all will vary according to what is worked out with the court and judge. Generally, probation means that a person is assigned a Probation Officer who they are required to meet with on a regular basis, and who may check in on them unannounced to ensure that they are not in violation of their Probation.

Conditions of Probation usually include any of the following:

  • Being prohibited from associating with any known criminals
  • Attending court-ordered classes
  • Attending regular meetings with Probation Officer
  • Registering place of residence with the court
  • Not being able to change residence without permission of the court

A person who has been sentenced to probation has much less protection under the law because they are already an offender, so it is very important to have the services of a competent criminal attorney who can provide as much protection as possible.

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