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What is Mortgage Fraud?

Mortgage and real estate fraud cases are not uncommon in today’s economy and are often complex and convoluted issues that involve piles of financial documents and hard-to-follow paper trails. Getting to the bottom of such a case requires the services of someone who has advanced knowledge of real estate law, banking, and criminal defense. If you find yourself under investigation for this accusation, you will want to employ the services of someone who has experience defending appraisers, real estate companies, realtors, appraisers, buyers and sellers, individual mortgage brokers and mortgage companies that they work for.

If you find yourself in this alarming situation, do not panic. The Hoffman Firm has an expert legal team led by Miami criminal attorney Evan Hoffman, who is a former prosecutor and an experienced criminal lawyer. The Hoffman Firm can help you if you are under investigation for this serious crime. Pick up the phone and call us today for a FREE consultation (305) 928-1669 or contact us online.

Our Federal Crimes services include:

According to Evan Hoffman, since there is no specific statute in federal law for mortgage fraud crimes, prosecutors use an array of existing criminal statutes. Businesses may face charges that include fake loans and fraudulent signatures on loan documents, false appraisals, fraudulent foreclosure prevention schemes, obstruction of justice and related charges such as conspiracy, mail and wire fraud, forgery, identity theft, money laundering, and tax evasion.

If you feel that you are under suspicion for mortgage fraud, if you have been called to testify before a grand jury, or if your case is headed to a criminal trial in Florida state or federal court, you will need to find an experienced, trustworthy Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney. “Many times a large dragnet by authorities catches people with incidental roles, and you may have been involved without your consent, as well. Additionally, lesser charges could be filed, charges dropped, or plea deals can be arranged with prosecutors, resulting in less jail time.”

Regardless of your circumstances and even if the state or federal government might be likely getting a conviction, the law offices of The Hoffman Firm will fight in your defense. The Hoffman Firm is a trustworthy, dependable company that offers Fort Lauderdale mortgage fraud services. Would you like to learn more about our Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney services and how we can fight for you?

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Did You Know?

According to, according to the MBA NDS, 8.2 percent (or 3.6 million) of all residential mortgage loans (seasonally adjusted) in 2010 were past due, excluding those already in the foreclosure process.

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