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Falsely Accused of Child Sex Abuse? 3 Tips for Defending Against Allegations

Being falsely accused of child molestation is perhaps one of the most horrifying experiences that anyone can face. Sex crimes, especially against a minor, are serious offenses with heavy penalties and consequences. While child sex abuse is certainly a real issue that must be dealt with, the reality is that false accusations are becoming more and more common in the state of Florida, especially when a custody battle is ongoing in the midst of a divorce.

Aside from legal repercussions and punishment, the social stigma of sex crimes is extremely damaging. This is why it’s crucial to fight untrue allegations of child sexual abuse with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable criminal attorney. Because child molestation cases are the easiest crime to accuse and perhaps the hardest to defend, you need an expert on your side fighting for your rights.

So How Can You Fight Against False Allegations of Child Sex Abuse?

  1. Find a criminal attorney as soon as possible. Early investigation in cases of child molestation is the best chance to successfully assimilate evidence and craft a defense. As evidence is continuously brought out and individuals are locked into their stories, discerning the truth becomes more and more difficult. Having an experienced criminal attorney like Evan Hoffman from the very beginning can make a major difference.
  2. Determining the child’s motivation for making a false allegation. Proving your innocence in a child molestation case relies on determining why the child would make a false accusation and presenting the facts to the state. While no one wants to believe that a child would lie about such a serious thing, the reality is that a parent or other guardian could pressure or coerce the child into making such a claim. Sometimes there is no intentional motive by the child, but working with a criminal attorney will expose the entire situation.
  3. Be prepared to testify. In cases where there is little to no evidence and the case is functioning on a “he said – she said basis,” then you may be asked to testify. If this is the case, then you must be prepared to testify, and working with a criminal attorney can assure that you’re prepared to take the stand.

If you’ve been wrongly accused of child molestation in Florida, it’s absolutely critical to pursue an aggressive defense of your rights and reputation. Contact The Hoffman Firm today.

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