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In recent years, the illegal acquisition of prescription drugs for use or profit has increased dramatically in the state of Florida. To combat the rise of prescription fraud, law enforcement in Florida has developed extensive tactics to discover and prosecute cases where controlled substances are concerned. In fact, in many Floridian jurisdictions, the prosecution of prescription fraud is a top priority.

So what exactly is prescription fraud? Charges can include, but are not limited to: 

  • Smuggling. Dispensing drugs out of the pharmacy or hospital for sale or use to people without prescriptions is punishable by law.
  • Over-prescribing. Physicians and pharmacists alike can be accused of over-prescribing or filling drugs to get a kickback from street sales.
  • Forging prescriptions. Patients can be charged with forging a prescription to illegally acquire controlled substances for personal use or sale. Many patients also try to fill a single prescription at multiple locations.
  • Doctor shopping. This is where a patient goes from one doctor to the next, seeing several for drugs until one says yes and writes a prescription.

Your Freedom and Reputation Are at Stake With Prescription Fraud

If you’ve been accused or charged with prescription fraud, the consequences can be severe. Medical professionals could lose their licenses, jobs, and even their freedom. Not only would you be relieved of your current position, but you would likely have problems finding another job in the medical community.

Similarly, patients can be accused of manipulating the system to acquire prescription drugs for personal use or illegal sale. Regardless of the charges leveled against you, the reality is that your freedom and reputation are at stake.

The Hoffman Firm Can Protect Your Rights, License, Reputation, and Future

We understand the importance of defending your reputation so that you can continue practicing as a trusted medical professional in the state of Florida. Criminal attorney Evan Hoffman has successfully defended thousands of individuals through a wide range of charges ranging from misdemeanors to murder.

With experience as an Assistant State Attorney, Miami criminal defense lawyer Evan Hoffman has the unique experience and expertise needed to defend you against accusations of prescription fraud.

We work to determine whether your constitutional rights were violated, scrutinize the evidence against you, and speak with any witnesses available. By identifying and highlighting weaknesses in the state’s case, we can work to craft a solid defense that protects your rights and reputation.

Interested in learning more? Then contact The Hoffman Firm today!

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