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How to Protect Yourself from Domestic Violence in Miami

Violence is pervasive in American society and while most cases of violence are reported, the same is not true of domestic violence. This occurs because victims of domestic violence are ashamed or afraid of the repercussions that could ensue if they report it.

Nationwide, the number of domestic violence cases has increased. Florida is no exception, and domestic violence cases in Miami alone number in the thousands each year. Yet, the discrepancy between reported and unreported cases remains. Consulting with a domestic violence Miami attorney can let you know what your rights are and help you get out of a difficult situation.

Although no season is exempt, the winter season, in particular, is a dangerous time. The combined psychological stress and fatigue of the post-holiday downtime, looming tax preparation as well as job insecurity exacerbates tension. The added burden of credit card debt can stretch nerves taut and increase aggressive behavior.

Not everyone is familiar with the different types of actions or framework that would be classified as domestic violence. Domestic violence doesn’t just occur within the household among family members. It can also extend to someone with whom you have a child whether or not you are married to this person or anyone who lives or has lived in your household. A Miami attorney can explain this in greater detail. 

Domestic violence also encompasses more than physical abuse. It can be the withholding of funds to gain co-operation, it can involve threats against you, your children or other family members in an attempt to control you.

Statistics show that once domestic violence starts, it does not stop and frequently escalates, sometimes to the point where you may find yourself and your children in grave danger. This happened recently in Miami-Dade County when a domestic dispute escalated and resulted in the death of two people. If the intervention had occurred this tragedy might have been averted.

Options are available to protect yourself from harm with a Miami domestic violence attorney who is well-versed in the laws that prevent further abuse. A Miami attorney can advise you of your rights and suggest legal remedies that sever the tie of domestic violence.

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