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Am I Eligible to Have My Record Sealed in Florida?

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Record sealing or expungement is a legal process that involves restricting access or destroying a person’s criminal record. So, if your record is sealed, the public (e.g. potential employers and landlords) cannot see your criminal history.

Having your record sealed in Florida depends on if you were either convicted or not convicted of the underlying crime. If you were charged but not convicted, you qualify for record sealing if you never had a criminal record sealed or expunged before (whether in Florida or in another state), nor a pending petition for either record sealing or expungement. However, there are certain offenses, such as domestic battery, which are not eligible for record sealing – even if you were not eventually convicted.

By contrast, if you were found guilty or pleaded no contest, you cannot have your record sealed or expunged if the underlying charge is a DUI or felony offense. However, you may be eligible for record sealing if you were convicted of a misdemeanor offense, unless it is an assault, battery, unlawful weapons charge, or petit theft charge.

The following are the main benefits of having your record sealed:

  • You can honestly say that you were never arrested or convicted of a crime
  • Your criminal incident will not appear on background checks
  • Potential employers will not see your criminal incident
  • Colleges and universities will not see your criminal incident
  • Your reputation will be protected
  • You will gain closure and peace of mind

If you are interested in having your record sealed in Broward County, the legal process can be quite complex, which is why having a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side can make a huge difference. The Hoffman Firm can determine if you are eligible for record sealing and guide you through the process in order to finally put your past behind you and get your life back on track.

For more information about record sealing in Broward County, contact us today at (305) 928-1669 to discuss your case.

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