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COVID-19 & DUI Cases in Florida

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Although alcohol consumption at bars have come to a halt in late June and indoor dining has been restricted at restaurants at the beginning of August due to significant increase in COVID-19 cases in Florida, law enforcement officials are still monitoring the roads and arresting people for suspected DUI.

If you have been recently arrested for a DUI, you might be wondering what happens next. However, the pandemic has significantly altered the DUI process and many DUI cases are placed on hold for the time being.

For example, the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court in Miami-Dade County has reverted to operations under Phase 1 as of June 24, 2020. This means court facilities will remain closed to the public—aside from essential matters and matters per judicial discretion—and all court proceedings will be heard remotely.

Keep in mind, the court shutdown may prove beneficial to your case, especially if you hire a skilled criminal defense attorney immediately to either help you get your entire case dismissed or work out a favorable plea bargain with the prosecutor. According to state DUI laws, you have the right to demand discovery, finish required programs either online or through video conferencing, and collect documents to support your defense if your case is pending review from the prosecution.

Regarding driver’s license suspensions, the Courts and Clerk of Courts have temporarily stopped issuing suspensions due to the courthouse closures stemming from the outbreak. However, if your driver’s license was suspended prior to the courthouse closures, then speak with a lawyer to find out how to get your license reinstated. Attorney Evan Hoffman was featured in the article, "Trouble Accessing Florida DMVs During COVID-19 Brings Unintended Consequences" in WRLN news, where he gives insight on the difficulties of solving traffic violations during COVID-19. Many people have to go to the DMV to resolve traffic violations, but the DMV is only accepting appointments. This has made it difficult for Floridians to resolve their traffic cases. To read the article in its entirety, click here

At The Hoffman Firm, we are available through phone or pre-scheduled video conferencing to review your DUI case, inform you of your legal options, and guiding you through the legal process during this difficult and trying time. Our firm will keep you updated on deadlines and other important dates.

Facing DUI charges in Miami? Contact The Hoffman Firm today at (305) 928-1669 to discuss your case with an experienced DUI defense attorney.

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