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Avoid Getting a DUI Over the Holidays

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The holiday season is associated with cheer and joy, from Thanksgiving and Christmas to New Year’s Day. However, these celebrations are often associated with alcohol consumption, which has resulted in significant rise in drunk driving accidents during this time of year.

In response to these staggering statistics, police departments throughout each state increase the number of officers patrolling the neighborhoods and roads and set up DUI checkpoints to arrest suspected drunk drivers and keep people safe. So, if you decide to have a few drinks while you are at a festive gathering away from your home, you must think twice before getting behind the wheel because the chances of getting a DUI drastically rises during the fall/winter months.

Avoid getting arrested for a DUI over the holidays by following these tips:

  • Use a rideshare service to travel – Uber and Lyft have become popular modes of transportation in recent years, whether you need a ride home after a night out or a ride to the airport in the morning. If you plan on drinking at an event, do not risk getting behind the wheel and simply request a ride from your phone.
  • Use public transportation – For a cheaper alternative, you can always use the bus or train to travel. Keep in mind the hours of operation to avoid being left stranded.
  • Get a designated driver (DD) – If you know someone who does not plan on drinking, ask him/her if he/she can be your DD for the evening. On the other hand, if you do not plan on drinking, then be someone else’s DD.
  • Find a place to spend the night – From booking a hotel or motel room to sleeping over at a friend’s house, find a place to rest if the event is far away from your home. A room costs a lot less than a DUI charge.
  • Be the host – If you host the event in your home, you completely avoid the risk of getting on the road. But be sure to check if your guests have made ride arrangements or have plenty of space for people to sleep over.

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