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Has your license been suspended? Are you worried about how you are going to get to school and/or to work? Despite having a suspended license and the stresses that come with that, Florida does give drivers a hardship license. Unlike many other states throughout the country, Florida is very forgiving to drivers that have had their license suspended. It is important to know what your options are if you ever find yourself in this situation, and what options you have until your license can be reinstated.

You can get your license suspended for a number of things such as not paying child support, not paying a traffic ticket, or not appearing when served with a summons, just to name a few of the many other circumstances. Unfortunately, these circumstances in particular, do not make you eligible for a hardship license. Hardship licenses are usually granted when a driver has too many points on their license or for certain Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases.

If you have had your license suspended for having too many points, the following will explain how long your suspension will last:

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Most people know that your license can be suspended when you are convicted of driving under the influence (“DUI”). Few are also aware that there is a process that must be complied with before the defendant’s driver’s license can be suspended. In Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles v. Canalejo, the defendant sought a formal administrative review after his license was suspended pursuant to a DUI conviction.

The attorney for the defendant attempted to issue a subpoena for each officer who was involved with the defendant’s arrest. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, however, sent modified subpoenas requesting telephonic appearances instead.

During the hearing, the defendant offered a video showing the 20-minute waiting period that he endured following his arrest, but he stated that he could not properly authenticate the video without one of the arresting officers present. The defendant’s attorney refused the court’s offer to continue the hearing until a time that the officer could be present, and the hearing officer issued a decision at the hearing.

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Having your driver’s license suspended is not just embarrassing, but it is also an enormous hindrance on your daily life. You may have had your license suspended due to DUI charges or as the result of multiple traffic violations. In the case of a DUI charge, your driver’s license will be suspended immediately, which comes along with all of the potential punishments that take place when you are charged with drunk driving. If your license has been suspended, don’t lose hope. There is a way out.

In order to learn more about suspension of a driver’s license, you can consult with someone who knows and understands everything about DUI charges and license suspension, and at a very intimate level. Professional Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Evan A. Hoffman, in addition to his team of experts, can help. The Hoffman Firm can help you understand what to do and can help you fight the suspension of your license so you can start driving legally again soon. Contact us today at (305) 249-0090 and find out more about how we can help. 

You could have had your license suspended for any of the following reasons:

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