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Have you been contacted for a federal investigation or accused of committing a federal crime? What many people do not know is that the federal system is very similar to the state system in law and procedure. It is important to understand the differences because they are crucial. Federal crimes can be more complex and time consuming; it is essential to have an attorney that has experience in that area.

There are certain steps you must take if you are contacted for a federal investigation:

  1. Contact a lawyer that has experience in working in the federal system and can represent you in the most significant way
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In certain instances, Florida law allows the seizure of various properties.  This practice is known in legal terms as “Forfeiture.”

The practice of seizure of property according to forfeiture is legal, but sometimes is misused and even at times abused by law enforcement and the justice system.  That’s why you need to understand the process and know your rights.

To learn more about Forfeitures, contact Miami Criminal Defense Attorney, Evan A. Hoffman and don’t let yourself be taken advantage of.

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