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There are serious penalties imposed for kidnapping, particularly if the kidnapping is considered domestic violence. Recently, the Miami police determined that a South Florida woman’s kidnapping, which was recorded, was connected to domestic violence. If you have questions about a Florida domestic violence or kidnapping charge, reach out to a knowledgeable attorney for answers.

The kidnapping occurred on a Friday at a tire shop. The woman screamed and asked witnesses to hide her and to call 911. A man was screaming at her. She was videotaped running toward two men that were standing outside the store. They observed that she was upset. She ran inside a restroom. She was also videotaped being forcibly pushed into a car that a man was driving. According to the Miami police, the man had his arms wrapped around her neck as he forced her into the vehicle.

Also according to the Miami police, the woman was found a few days later and was in good shape. Detectives have been following up to investigate the kidnapping.

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Have you been charged with murder? Are you not sure what to do? In Florida, it is the unlawful killing of a human being. In Florida there are different degrees of Murder depending on how the crime is committed.

In Florida, First Degree Murder is premeditated murder, felony murder and murder committed during drug related offenses.

  1. Premeditated Murder: To prove premeditated murder, the prosecution must show that the defendant prepared to commit the crime and had the intent to commit murder. Evidence must be shown that the defendant took steps to commit the murder and had a plan to commit murder.
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Domestic violence cases typically conjure images of violence taking place in the home, but Florida’s law in this area encompasses a multitude of crimes, including false imprisonment and kidnapping. According to Florida law, kidnapping involves the confinement, imprisonment, or abduction of another against his or her will. The act must be done using force, secret, or threat and without any lawful authority.

Additionally, the defendant must possess the requisite intent, which must consist of one of the following:

  • The intent to hold the person for reward or ransom, or to use the person as a hostage or shield;
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In Florida, kidnapping is a crime that is prosecuted very aggressively.  Kidnapping, unlike many other crimes draws a great deal of media attention, and the public emotions surrounding a trial can be intense, especially if minors are involved.

It is very difficult to ensure an unbiased trial and treatment for a defendant in the criminal justice system in cases involving charges of kidnapping.  Needless to say, for persons facing kidnapping charges, their very first step should be to obtain the services of a reputable criminal attorney who knows how to mount a solid defense and ensure a fair trial and treatment for their client.

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