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Retail theft is always a concern among department stores and perhaps even more so around Christmas time when the stores are crowded and thieves see even more opportunities. Most stores now affix anti-theft devices to sale items or scanners at exits along with undercover shoppers to observe and either detain or report to police those suspected of shoplifting.

Theft at department stores continue regardless of measures taken by managers. In a recent incident in Miami, a man and his female accomplice were arrested for the alleged theft of an $1800 handbag from a T.J. Maxx store.

The defendant, 34-year old Kyle Fuller of Lake Worth, was apparently seen cutting off the anti-theft device and then cramming the expensive handbag into his sweat pants before leaving the store without paying. Mr. Fuller also had a female companion who drove Mr. Fuller from the store. Both were later arrested at an Office Max that same day. A search of Mr. Fuller’s clothing found a wire cutter and aluminum foil, tools typically used by retail thieves to thwart anti-theft measures.

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Being charged with shoplifting or a retail theft crime in Florida can have serious consequences. If convicted, your criminal record could negatively impact your social, financial, and even professional well-being. With consequences so severe, it’s critical to have a defense attorney on your side, one with the expertise and experience needed to successfully lead you through this complex case.

In the state of Florida, there are many specific types of thefts that you can be charged with. Regardless of which degree you’re charged with, however, the reality is that the consequences are severe and potentially long lasting. Specific types of thefts include:

  • Grand theft. This term distinguishes the severity based on the value stolen. Property stolen that exceeds $300 in value is considered grand theft in Florida, and a conviction of grand theft is a third degree felony that can be punished with up to 5 years in prison.
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One of the worst mistakes that people make when charged with shoplifting or Petit Theft is to try to defend themselves. The reason many people attempt to defend themselves in court is that they do not take accusations of shoplifting or Petit Theft seriously, believing it not to be a serious offense. This can have disastrous consequences, as people who are inexperienced in Florida law end up with a permanent criminal record for something minor.

The best thing to do when accused of Petit Theft is to remain calm, not admit to any guilt, and enlist an expert in Florida criminal law. Miami Criminal Attorney Evan A. Hoffman can advise people facing charges of Petit Theft, helping them to find the best way to fight these charges. When you contact us, you may be on your way to lessening your penalties, or even avoiding them entirely.

Petit Theft, often referred to as “shoplifting” or “petty theft,” is one of the most common crimes committed in the nation. This crime involves willfully and unlawfully taking property valued at up to $300. An innocent person could easily be charged with Petit Theft for inadvertently leaving a store with an item that has not been paid for. 

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