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Domestic violence charges are serious, and if you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, you could face prison time. Being accused of a crime can be devastating – you may feel betrayed by your loved one or uncertain about your future.

Whether you have been accused of domestic violence or aggravated stalking, you deserve legal representation. The Hoffman Firm is proud to serve clients in Miami and the surrounding areas. We have offered legal support to our clients for over 20 years, and we are committed to providing compassionate counsel and aggressive representation in and out of the courtroom.

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What Is Aggravated Stalking in Florida?

According to Florida law, aggravated stalking is when harassment, cyberstalking, threats, or property damage results in the infliction of harm on the victim. An aggravated crime often begins as a threat or minor infraction but escalates to a more serious offense.

Aggravated stalking is a form of domestic violence that involves stalking behaviors like harassment or threats that evolve into bodily harm, forcible restraint, or violation of a protection order. What makes a crime “aggravated” is the introduction or threat of physical harm.

For example, Person A has a restraining order against Person B, but Person B drives by their apartment, visits their parents, and leaves voicemails on their work phone. At this point, Person B could be charged with stalking or harassment, but the police cannot make an arrest for aggravated stalking if there is no physical harm or threat to Person A and their dependents.

On the other hand, if Person B drives by the house incessantly and decides to point a gun through the car window and issue threats on Person A’s life, they may be charged with aggravated stalking.

It’s important to understand that an aggravated crime does not necessarily have to involve bodily harm. Property damage and the threat of injury can be considered aggravating factors as well. If stalking is elevated to an aggravated charge, it may become a felony with a penalty of 10 or more years in prison. 

Types of Domestic Violence and Stalking

There is a common misconception that domestic violence can only happen between romantic partners, but in reality, domestic violence can happen between family or household members regardless of romantic attachment.

Stalking and domestic violence can occur between:

  • Spouses
  • Ex-spouses
  • Blood relatives or relatives through marriage
  • People who are living or have lived together like a family
  • People who share parental responsibilities regardless of marriage

Domestic violence can also happen in different ways. As the name would suggest, dating violence involves violent or threatening behavior between people in a romantic relationship. Anyone in a dating relationship for six or more months can be charged with dating violence, according to Florida Law.

Kidnapping and false imprisonment may also be methods of domestic violence, depending on the situation. For example, if a parent kidnaps their own child from their ex-spouse after losing custody, they are committing a form of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence in Miami

Domestic violence cases are complex and emotionally charged. There is a lot of pain, resentment, and fear involved in domestic violence, but that does not change the fact that the victim and aggressor are or were loved ones.

Regardless of personal history, domestic violence and stalking aren’t crimes committed by a stranger. If you are wrongly accused of aggravated stalking or domestic violence, you may face your accuser in court and be forced to face the feelings of betrayal and heartache.

These are singularly painful cases that should only be handled by a professional. Always consult with a legal professional if you are accused of domestic violence, aggravated stalking, or violating a protective order.

A Compassionate Attorney You Can Trust

At The Hoffman Firm, we understand the impact criminal charges may have on your family and future. Domestic violence or aggravated stalking charges can destroy your chances of getting custody of your children, jobs, education, and freedom.

However, while your case may seem hopeless, our attorney can help. With over two decades of extensive legal experience with domestic violence cases, we can investigate the details of your case and work with you to draft a strategy.

Our firm believes in one-on-one attention and personalized case strategies so you can be sure that our approach will be unique to your case – not copied and pasted. At The Hoffman Firm, our clients are our number one priority.

Choose an attorney who cares. Choose The Hoffman Firm. Schedule your initial case consultation with our Miami domestic violence and aggravated stalking attorney today.


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