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Miami Criminal Attorney: Understanding and Fighting Charges of Forgery

Forgery is a crime which falls under the greater category of fraud.  Forgery usually involves a person creating, signing, or altering a document in an attempt to deceive others.

Under Florida state law Forgery is defined as “The creation of a false written document or alteration of a genuine one, with the intent to defraud”

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Additional charges of forgery may come if a person attempts to use someone else’s credit card, submits unemployment claims while employed, or tries to cash a bad check.  Another form of forgery is counterfeiting.

Even without actually defrauding another person, charges for forgery may be brought if it can be proven that the accused person had intent to act in a criminal manner.

Forgery charges can be prosecuted under either state or federal law.  Usually in cases involving multiple states the charges will be brought federally.

Most penalties given for forgery include a combination of restitution and prison time.  Persons convicted of forgery often have their possessions and property sized and used as restitution.

A charge of forgery is considered as a third degree Felony, and persons convicted will have a permanent record as a felon.  Multiple charges can be filed, and each charge can carry a sentence of up to Five (5) years in prison, so a conviction for multiple charges can potentially add up to decades in prison.

There are many defense strategies which can be used in fighting charges of forgery.  Having the help of experts who can review signatures, online activity, and documents can be invaluable in proving innocence.  Most attorneys who deal with forgery cases have such experts available to work their client’s case to find any exculpatory evidence which might exonerate them.

Evan Hoffman is a Miami Criminal Attorney who has experience in cases involving forgery and other fraud charges.  Let him go to work on your case along with his experts and help you fight your charges in the best manner possible.

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